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Zoger Abigail via plant-ed%40net.bio.net (by azoger from santarosa.edu)
Wed Jul 25 17:03:05 EST 2007

Thank you to everyone who sent in suggestions of plant biology videos to use in the classroom.  A large number of people suggested The Private Life of Plants the David Attenborough series.  I'd like to purchase this for our school but I can only find used copies of the videos. 
There  is a DVD copy of the series available in England. The region 2 format DVDs will of course not play in the American DVD players, but it does make me wonder if there is not a DVD version for region 1 (USA) in the works. I have not been able to find anything on an American DVD version. Does any one know if this is true? 
thank you for your help 
Abigail Zoger
Santa Rosa Junior College

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