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I haven't kept up with all of the most recent changes in copyright law, but
I thought it was legal in the past, if not now, to make an archival backup
copy of any tape you purchased as long as both were not used by different
people [at the same time or in different locations, or something to that
effect].  If so, wouldn't making a backup DVD copy of the VHS your already
own be OK?   Maybe that was just VHS backups of VHS videos, in case the VCR
"ate" the original.   I'd like to know what the current rule is.

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> Hello Abigail and fellow plant-ed readers,
> At 05:03 PM 7/25/2007, Zoger Abigail wrote:
> >Thank you to everyone who sent in suggestions of plant biology
> >videos to use in the classroom.  A large number of people suggested
> >The Private Life of Plants the David Attenborough series.  I'd like
> >to purchase this for our school but I can only find used copies of the
> >There  is a DVD copy of the series available in England. The region
> >2 format DVDs will of course not play in the American DVD players,
> >but it does make me wonder if there is not a DVD version for region
> >1 (USA) in the works. I have not been able to find anything on an
> >American DVD version. Does any one know if this is true?
> I've been following this situation for years now, as our well-used
> video copy of PLoP continues to deteriorate.  I know of no plans to
> produce a region 1 DVD version, but have not communicated with any
> organization likely to pursue such a course.  Hence, I can't speak
> with any authority on this, but would welcome any input from anyone
> on the list who can.  Here at my institution, I got diametrically
> conflicting interpretations of the *same* copyright language from our
> IT people and our library director (the latter of whom had more
> authority), so was unable to get the VHS transferred to DVD, though
> we have the capacity to do so.  I suspect the difference in
> interpretation was based on fear of litigation and presence/absence
> of a spine in the more authoritative entity (now retired).  I need to
> revisit this.
> The suggestion given to me from someone in the film industry was to
> purchase a region 2 player, which is readily available on the
> internet, and just buy the region 2 DVD.   I've not done this, but it
> should work at least in the short term.
> Cheers,
> Wil Taylor
> University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
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