[Plant-education] Videos for Botany Class

Zoger Abigail via plant-ed%40net.bio.net (by azoger from santarosa.edu)
Thu May 17 19:28:35 EST 2007

I teach the third class in our introductory biology series  that covers
plant biology and ecology. I¹ve inherited the course and they use several
videos that are old.

The Rotten World Around Us--- great video but out of print and our copy is
slowly deteriorating. Any suggestions of replacements?

Sexual Encounters of a Floral Kind- great video, but again aging.

The Green Machine‹ this covers basics about plant anatomy and physiology but
is old, tired and not that well done. I would love to find something else
that covers interesting ideas about the major themes of plant biology.

Genetic Time Bomb‹ about genetic diversity in crop plants . Again a very
good video but was made in the 1980¹s, 1990¹s and is out of date. Any ideas
of what might replace it?

Cadillac Desert: The last oasis‹ a good video about world wide water issues,
but also 10 years old and out of date.  Any replacement ideas?

Further if there is anything you show that you think does a particularly
good job of conveying a concept, I would appreciate your thoughts.

Abigail Zoger
Santa Rosa Junior College
Santa Rosa, Ca

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