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This was my initial assumption, but what I saw (bad photos) did not 
look like Wolfia.  The photo showed something that resembled a moss 
capsule with a long narrow seta.  Wolfia, if you could see it, would 
have a small spadix (no threadlike stalk and no swelling at the top - 
even though I've never seen one in flower).

On Fri, 09 Nov 2007 08:41:10 -0500
  Kathleen Archer <kathleen.archer from trincoll.edu> wrote:
> The smallest flowering plant I know is Wolffia, a little bigger than 
>a poppy seed, but smaller than a radish seed.  Aquatic, often found 
>floating with Lemna.  I don't know about the 3000 year flowering 
>interval, but I do know I look for it and have never seen in in 
>flower.  I've attached  a picture found on the web that shows it next 
>to some duckweed to give a sense of scale.
> Kathleen
> At 03:49 PM 11/8/2007, Scott Shumway wrote:
>>One of my colleagues just showed me a  clipping from a Chinese 
>>newspaper reporting on tiny / microscopic plant that is now in bloom 
>>in several locations around the world.  The pictures looked to me 
>>like moss capsules, but the translation was "flowers".  Supposedly 
>>Buddhist legend reports that these flowers appear once every 3000 
>>years and bring good luck.  The article was in Chinese and did not 
>>appear to include a Latin name.
>>Does anyone know what this plant is??
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