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jesus diaz via plant-ed%40net.bio.net (by mr.random4 from yahoo.com)
Mon Nov 12 12:42:28 EST 2007

I am in middle school
  I am also doing a science project on how different liquids affect plant growth
  the plant i am using is "Aloe Vera"
  I need the know the certien nutrients needed for this plant to grow.
  ive been searching on the internet for days but havent found what i needed
  The liquids i am using for my project are milk, vinigar, and plain water for my control
  the nutrients so far have been helping the aloe vera plant grow with vinigar
  the milk plant's soil is extremely rough
  and the water on is growing slowly.
  the vinigar plant is growing very quickly
  if there's any help you can give me please help

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