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Wed Nov 14 12:12:05 EST 2007

Hello  Dr. Hadden,  


I am Jennifer Liedkie, the laboratory specialist at the Rochester
Institute of Technology.   I was doing a search on carrot callus culture
and came upon a response you had written regarding your method of
culturing carrot callus.  


You wrote: "I used to use the carrot callus culture medium, but

have found a much simpler approach.  They obtain the aseptic carrot

slices as always, transfer 6 - 8 of them to a sterile Petri dish lined

with moistened filter paper.  Instead of bothering with callus medium, I

have them moisten the filter paper with sterile distilled water. "



We are trying to find a "quick and easy" way for our students to learn
to culture carrot callus in our Plant Biotechnology class and find that
the carrot callus cultures we obtain from Carolina are not very
consistent, so they have charged me with finding a better method.  I did
culture carrot callus eons ago in my undergraduate work, but that was
not always effective either....we actually did it on a desktop, since we
didn't have hoods. 


Are you still using this method and find it still is working well? Have
you modified it to make it more efficient?  Would you mind sharing the



In your description, you used filter paper---did you sterilize this
prior to use?


I would appreciate any insight you can offer and will pass on the credit
and details to the professor of the class. 


Thank you, 


Jennifer Liedkie


Laboratory Specialist

Department of Biological Sciences

Rochester Institute of Technology

85 Lomb Memorial Drive

Rochester, NY 14623





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