[Plant-education] looking for red/far red sensitive lettuce seeds

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Wards sells Grand Rapids seeds that work well.  However, you have to
measure germination within a couple of days of imbibition to see a
difference in the germination rate of light and dark grown seeds. 
After a few days the seeds germinate under both light and dark conditions.
(Far-red still does prevent germination for several days). 
It is best to run a test experiment ahead of time to find the optimal time
Finally, you have to make sure that the seeds have not had any exposure to
the cold since this will eliminate the light requirement.
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Does anybody have a source for (or a big pile of) red/far red sensitive
lettuce seeds that I could use for a classic phytochrome teaching
experiment? Mine are old, and now either all germinate (regardless of
light) or fail to germinate (ditto). I've tried again from the same
source, but they all germinate now. 


--Gini Berg 
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