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Torahflora.org, the Biblical ethnobotany Web site, is pleased to announce new writing and resources to help readers learn about plants and nature in Judaism. Please click on the links below to see the new and updated pages.

A new essay has been posted:

Botany, Prophecy, and Theology
The metaphors and theology of Jeremiah and Psalm 102 depend on the outcome of a controversy over the identity of a desert plant. Learn more at:

Six more books, articles, and Web sites have been added to the Resources page:

The list of recent Torah Flora events has been brought up to date as of August 2009:

The list of essays has been reorganized. All essays have been placed in categories by topic and a new category has been added. See the list of essays by category on the left-hand side of the Torah Flora Home page:

As always, I encourage everyone to post comments in the space that follows each essay and to contact me with your reactions to the Torah Flora Web site, or to inquire about arranging a Torah Flora event, such as 

School programs 
Adult education lectures 
Scholar-in-residence programs
Torah tours of botanical gardens

To subscribe to e-mail notification of new Torah Flora events and publications, please send an e-mail to jon from torahflora.org.

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Biblical Botanist
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