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I'm not Dr. Cameron but I can reply for a cluster of freshman-sophomore liberal arts campuses of the U of Wi System. Standard is 12 contact hours per semester, with 50 min. Being considered 1 hr. Labs are considered equivalent to lecture hours (although that is not universal throughout the bacalaureate level campuses of UW System. I am the campus "president" and a biologist at one of 13 of our campuses. There is some desire to reduce credit for labs. My comment is "Just because a lot of people do it wrong is no reason for us to do it wrong." of course, it's a financial issue.

Jim Perry
UW Fox Valley

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Hi, Dr. Cameron,

I hope this link has led to you and that you can help me find teaching
load numbers for various universities. I am Faculty Senate President at
Chapman University in Orange, CA, and we are trying to learn where we
need to go to emulate other universities like Tulane, Vanderbilt, and

Any tips you could provide on learning about teaching load would be much

Walter Piper


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