[Plant-education] KCN effect on DCPIP reduction of chloroplasts

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Dear Douglas Bielenberg (or whoever receives this message as the e-mail link didn't go directly to Douglas Bielenberg),

I found your article http://www.bio.net/mm/plant-ed/2005-February/007802.html while looking for an experiment on spinach and DCPIP.

I was impressed by the comment that it was a 'robust lab' as the instructions I have been given don't work at all.  My DCPIP when made to the required concentration is almost colourless to start with and the chloroplast mix is a murky green which would mask any colour change in the DCPIP.  I assume the content of the mixtures have to be sufficiently precise to ensure that a colour change is seen within a reasonable time.

I would very much appreciate a copy of the instructions you used (if you still have them 5 years later!) so that our students have a chance of seeing the experiment working properly.

Thank you

Ken Odam

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