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Plant Ed,

We are attempting to grow Fast Plants using our brand new Conviron 
growth chambers for the first time.  Things are not going well.  Do you 
have any advice that you could share with us?

The following comes from our greenhouse caretaker, Jane Young.

Thank you,

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I posted what is seen below some time back.  I am still struggling to
grow Brassica in my growth chambers and now crunch time of next semester
is approaching quickly.  I have tried light levels 1,2 and 3.  I have
tried from 27 degrees C down to 20 C.  I have tried RH at 70%, 40%, 30%
and 20%.  Chambers don't seem to be able to give me 20% and run much
higher RH than that.  Problem is yellowing and wilting before or just
after true leaves form.  Lower temps and lower RH has helped, but still
no where near viable.  I really need some help here.  I can't grow them
in the greenhouse since light pollution to the observatory will occur.
Can someone help me?  Jane

On 12/5/11 2:11 PM, Jane Young wrote:
> I am really struggling here and hope someone can help.  For 18 years
> I've been growing Brassica in a room temperature room under florescent
> lights, primitive style, and all was well.  Now I have brand new growth
> chambers and I can't grow Brassica to save my life.  I started out at
> fullest light I could get in Conviron chambers at 70 RH and 27 C.
> Germination occurred followed by death by shriveling before true leaves
> formed.  I saw that the chambers were actually running at 30 not 27 C so
> I figured I baked them.  Tried again at 24 C which runs pretty true, but
> same thing happened.  Now I have tried 24 C with light level 2 instead
> of 3 (less light), but same thing is happening.  HELP!!!!!!!!

Scott Shumway
Professor of Biology
Wheaton College
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