rna from seeds, some more problems

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 brian tague wrote:

<Subj:	Isolation of RNa from seeds
<Authorizers: S=TAGUE;OU=FRODO;OU=MGH;O=HARVARD;P=edu;A=dbp;C=de
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<Does anyone have a reliable method for the isolation of RNA from dry seeds
<and/or yellow siliques. With the standard RNA prep (SDS/LiCl/phenol/chloroform)
<some kind of contaminant comes through with the RNA. Procedures for the removal
<of polysaccharides (1M NaCl ppt @ 0C, acid ppt) don't remove it. Any hints or
<suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
<-- Brian W. Tague

we are currently having the same problem with RNA isolated from tobacco seeds:
mRNA is prepared according to your method and purified further with dyna-
beads. Resulting RNA is rather brown (in contrast to leaf rna) and cannot
be used to efficiently produce a cDNA library (again in contrast to leaf rna).

is there some oxidating agent in seeds ? we notice that seeds, freshly opened 
are white, but turn brownish within 30 minutes.

any hints welcome.

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