Horticulture via telnet correction

andrews at skyfox.usask.ca andrews at skyfox.usask.ca
Mon Aug 24 15:25:07 EST 1992

Sorry for the wrong information that was posted to rec.gardens and 
bionet.plants.  To access the horticultural information please try:

telnet genius.usask.ca
             |-that was an @ in the original post - I think.

telnet access.usask.ca



Login as "genius" without the quotes and in lower case.

I think that you will find this a good reference for Northern Prairie 
gardeners as well as other interesting lay articles - note that not 
all the information will be up to date.

While you are at it you may enjoy some of the other genius information 
such as, if my memory serves me correctly:  Saskatchewan's weather; 
internet resourses; acedemic information (U of S calender); etc.

Thanks to all those that responded to this error (I will try to mail 
you personally)

Dan Andrews

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