energy crops

Tony Travis ajt at
Mon Aug 17 07:26:45 EST 1992

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: > [stuff deleted]
: There are several alternatives which include bio-produced alcohols or
: oils (e.g. from algal carotenoids).  The only REAL problem is price;
: It just doesn't compete with crude oil.  This of course could change e.g.
: if oil becomes scarce, or highly taxed.
: Should biomass fuel be subject to carbon tax?  After all CO2 in equals
: CO2 out.

Yes, and this would give an incentive to use the most efficient form of
_energy_ storage (cf. food storage == energy for living organisms) for
use in eg. car engines.

I think it is important to adapt existing technology to exploit new
sources of energy - like lpg conversion of existing petrol engines for
example.  Otherwise, the inertia of making a change will prevent it
from happening.  Then, the *REAL* oil war will begin as the west runs
out of fuel.

The ecological disaster we are confronted by is only one of the
challenges that biologists can help to resolve.  The economic and
political challenges may be less important from the point of view of
the planet, but they will decide what, if anything, we do to avert


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