Drying sourdough culture

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In <1992Aug13.213238.23422 at u.washington.edu> monaghan at carson.u.washington.edu (Tracy Monaghan) writes:

>David and I have had this running dialog concerning yeast and lactobacilli
>in sourdough culture, particularly what happens during the drying process.

>I'm crossposting to bionet.plants (OK they're not really plants but give me
>a break, they're definitely not animals, are they?) in the hopes some
>biology types could settle this or at least lessen the cinfusion some.

Well, you happen to have a "biology type" right here on the group.  :)
I'm no microbiologist, mind, but........


>To which, I wrote :

>I'm not a biologist nor an experienced sourdough, but in it's dried form,
>the 'critters' would be dormant, and if I'm not mistaken, in a more
>resistant form.

>In response to, David wrote:

>There has been some speculation that since lactobacilli does not
>truly sporulate it may have a more difficult time surviveing
>the drying.  There has never been a clear answer for the group.

Lactobacilli do not sporulate.  What they do is form something called a
capsule, a protective coating around themselves.  They do this whenever
their environment is no longer optimum for survival and growth: i.e.,
when things start getting dry.  Whether or not capsules protect against
a near-total dryout would probably depend on the kind of bacteria in

Hope that helps.  :)

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