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> I've always believed that energy crops are the ultimate renewable
> energy source and when you consider just how much CO2 we are putting
> into the atmosphere burning fossil fuels it seems surprising to me
> that energy crops (other than fuel wood) are not big business.
> [stuff deleted]
> A friend of mine (who's opinion I respect) tells me it would take
> several acres of maize to support an average car but I've not done the
> calculations so I can't refute this assertion.  Is it a viable
> proposition, or is it just idealistic nonsense ?
> 	Tony.
There are several alternatives which include bio-produced alcohols or
oils (e.g. from algal carotenoids).  The only REAL problem is price;
It just doesn't compete with crude oil.  This of course could change e.g.
if oil becomes scarce, or highly taxed.
Should biomass fuel be subject to carbon tax?  After all CO2 in equals
CO2 out.
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