energy crops

Tony Travis ajt at
Fri Aug 7 20:13:35 EST 1992

I've always believed that energy crops are the ultimate renewable
energy source and when you consider just how much CO2 we are putting
into the atmosphere burning fossil fuels it seems surprising to me
that energy crops (other than fuel wood) are not big business.

I've heard about 'gasohol' in America (as an alternative to lead
additives??) and rumours of Volkswagens running on maize alcohol in
Brazil, and high performance engines running on methanol.  So, what is
the potential for energy crops providing a viable alternative to petrol
when the oil runs out ?

A friend of mine (who's opinion I respect) tells me it would take
several acres of maize to support an average car but I've not done the
calculations so I can't refute this assertion.  Is it a viable
proposition, or is it just idealistic nonsense ?


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