Plant Genome Meeting Mapping Workshop

Stan Letovsky letovsky-stan at CS.YALE.EDU
Sat Aug 1 11:38:49 EST 1992

	Mapping Software Workshop--November 8, 1992 (1-6 pm)

In conjunction with the Plant Genome I meeting, Nov. 9-11, 1992, Town
and Country Hotel, San Diego, CA 92121 (for Genome I information,
contact Scherago, Inc. 212-643-1750)

This will be an informal workshop preceding the International Plant
Genome I meeting. Its purpose is to present and demonstrate current
mapping software, in cluding MapMaker, GMendel, JoinMap, CProp, and
graphical genotype software such as HyperGene, and engage software
developers and mappers in discussions of the strengths and weaknesses
of current approaches and the needs for the future.  The workshop will
also consider databases for storing mapping data, analyzing it, and
generating maps.  For information, please contact Mary Berlyn
(berlyn at, Stanley Letovsky (letovsky at,
ph. 203-432-51445, or Edward H. Coe (a grocoe at,
210 Curtis Hall, University of Missouri, Columbia , MO 65211, ph.

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