cantaloupe and ICs

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>I heard a report on NPR that AT&T was using a compound derived from
>cantaloupes as a solvent in chip manufacturing.  Does anyone know what
>the substance is, and where there are published references on it?
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I saw that in the paper today:  believe it's n-butyl acetate.  The short
chained acetates and proprionate (and who knows, maybe the butyrates)
are know for the fruity (and other) odors.

Try your nearest Food Science Dept. for someone specializing in synthetic
flavoring and perfume agents: a not in significant industry.  Probably
the "cantaloupe oil" is producted by yeast fermentation.


BTW, if you don't understand what I meant by "other" odors, ask someone
in your chem stores dept. if he has some propyl or butyl caproate.  

If          CH3COOCH2CH2CH2CH3 smells like cantaloupe, what is your guess for

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