Where do I find taxonomic info on guitar woods?

Derek K. Miller dkmiller at unixg.ubc.ca
Wed Dec 2 16:23:34 EST 1992

I'm currently working on a paper for an ethnobotany course at UBC,
and am writing about the woods used in making guitars. These are of all
sorts: gymnosperm (conifer/evergreen) and angiosperm (leafy), temperate
and tropical, rare and common, hardwood and softwood. Their only common-
ality is that they're all trees.

Is there a single reference where I can find basic taxonomic information
(for botanical types, the usual _Coffea arabica_ Linnaeus kind of genus/
species/namer) information? Failing that, what are the best sources for
the various trees?

The plants involved are rosewoods, koa, maple, red cedar, spruce, mahogany,
ebony, poplar, ash, etc. (You can see that they're all over the botanical
landscape). E-mail would be preferred, but postings to alt.guitar or
rec.music.makers.guitar would be good too.

      :=:=> Derek K. Miller                 dkmiller at unixg.ubc.ca
      Researcher, Alma Mater Society        thegrodd at tz.ucs.sfu.ca
      University of British Columbia, Canada

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