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Wed Dec 2 09:26:36 EST 1992

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>Dear networkers,
>I am looking for nuclear genes encoded for rRNA in plants, for
>quantification of RNA of northerns.We are studying tomato and Arabidopsis,
>but probably genes from any plant will do.
>Dudy Bar-Zvi
>Dept of Life Sciences
>Ben-Gurion University
>Beer-Sheva 84105

I have sent Dudy two entries from genbank (a bit long to post here) which
have the following headers:

LOCUS       TOM25SRIB    3381 bp ds-DNA             PLN       15-MAR-1990
DEFINITION  Tomato 25S ribosomal RNA gene.

LOCUS       ATH3RRNA     4310 bp ds-DNA             PLN       21-MAY-1991
DEFINITION  Arabidopsis thaliana genes for 5.8S rRNA and 25S rRNA with 18S rRNA

I would be happy to send these sequences to anybody else who is interested or
better yet tell you how easy it is to retrieve them yourself with gopher.


Dan Jacobson

danj at

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