Quinghaosu - Artemesia

brknig01 at uctvax.uct.ac.za brknig01 at uctvax.uct.ac.za
Mon Dec 7 07:18:05 EST 1992

Hi netters... I am looking for info on the bioshemical determination of
Qinghaosu (QHS), derived from Artemesia annua. Specifically, I need
info in the thin layer chromatography detection methods. Also, if anyone
can supply me with pure QHS (Artemesinin), please let me know. I have
some literature on it, but the methods are a bit vague, to say the least.
It appears that the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research was involved
at some stage - can somebody supply me with their address? Thanks in

Nigel Barker.  reply to nigel at chempath.uct.ac.za

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