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[ most of Una vs. Dave deleted ]

I see that there is a lot of contention about the relationship of bionet to
the rest of Usenet ...
But my main concern is what to do with the specific case of PHOTOSYN.
This was set up on LISTSERV because that is what I knew about two years
ago.  In retrospect, it would probably have been better to have started
with Bionet/Biosci.

The main response I am getting from the present list members is "don't
change anything - we can handle the present system so don't complicate
things."  Indeed, I hope that any changes made have minimal impact on
those subscribers who chose to remain subscribed via email.

For the non-technically minded, the single issue at stake is "do we want
PHOTOSYN traffic to increase?" (I am taking careful note of responses on

[ Una Smith writes ]
> Perhaps it's time to create a new domain:  I propose "bio", and thus
> bio.photosynthesis!  I will be happy to propose this formally in
> bit.admin if Jonathan Marder, owner of PHOTOSYN, likes the idea.  Or
> he could propose it himself...
I can't see myself embarking personally on this crusade (tho' please go
ahead Una).
IF we get PHOTOSYN into the Usenet, I want it done smoothly and sensibly
via whatever mechanism works best.  I personally have enormous respect for
the way Dave Kristofferson has developed the Bionet hierarchy (I think that
Una Smith agrees with me on this).  I am fully sympathetic with Dave's
attitude to the LISTSERV system, and very much appreciate his valuable
advice.  I also want PHOTOSYN to find a sensible spot in the Usenet
hierarchy (i.e. bio.photosynthesis or bionet.photosynthesis sound equally
good to me, Una).

One advantage of "bit.listserv.photosyn" is that it could be a temporary
measure to test the water.  Also, I am not sure if we would even make the
necessary vote on Bionet (i.e. my impression  is that the present
subscribers to PHOTOSYN would see little to gain).

Thanks to all contributers to this discussion.

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