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Tue Dec 8 14:40:20 EST 1992

In article <92127200518.MIN-LPQAa00330.bionet-news at> you wrote:
: Since Jonathan Marder requested that this discussion be held in
: bionet.plants, I have set the followup for this article to that group.

I agree that it is relevant to bionet.plants, but I really wish that we
could focus all the energy, emotion and wit that discussions about the
creation of news groups provokes onto genuine scientific matters.

It is relatively unimportant to me where PHOTOSYN (or any other plant
group) fits into the bionet hierarchy.  I'd be more convinced that
there is a need for more such groups if I saw a little more evidence of
scientific debate in the existing bionet.plants group.

If bionet.plants was overwhelmed by PHOTOSYN subscribers posting
articles about photosysnthesis I would accept that a new group was
mecessary, but why to you need to create another group in order to
persuade PHOTOSYN people to use bionet Jonathan?

: [...]
: Perhaps it's time to create a new domain:  I propose "bio", and thus
: bio.photosynthesis!  I will be happy to propose this formally in 
: bit.admin if Jonathan Marder, owner of PHOTOSYN, likes the idea.  Or
: [...]

what about the sci.* hierarchy?

does not already cover the area you are interested in Una?

Perhaps it is time to take a good hard look at the way we use bionet
and reflect upon our motives for using it at all.

The 'popularity' of debates about news group creation in contrast to
the reluctance of people to take part in meaningful scientific
discussions is one reason why news groups generally have a poor
reputation amongst our less network orientated colleagues.

Please, let's do something to change that perception!

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