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In article <1992Dec8.194318.25965 at>, ajt at (Tony Travis) writes:
> In article <92127200518.MIN-LPQAa00330.bionet-news at> you wrote:
> : Since Jonathan Marder requested that this discussion be held in
> : bionet.plants, I have set the followup for this article to that group.
> I agree that it is relevant to bionet.plants, but I really wish that we
> could focus all the energy, emotion and wit that discussions about the
> creation of news groups provokes onto genuine scientific matters.
Point taken.  We'll try and sort this out QUICKLY.  I see that I will have
to draw up a polling sheet to send out to PHOTOSYN.
> If bionet.plants was overwhelmed by PHOTOSYN subscribers posting
> articles about photosysnthesis I would accept that a new group was
> mecessary, but why to you need to create another group in order to
> persuade PHOTOSYN people to use bionet Jonathan?
PHOTOSYN predates bionet.plants by nearly 2 years.  There is a slow but
steady traffic on PHOTOSYN.  I certainly encouraged the PHOTOSYN
membership to also use bionet.plants, but you may note that there was no
great rush.  Most of the list DON'T WANT to be involved with bionet.plants
and PREFER to stick with PHOTOSYN.
Also, you should note that some researchers work on BACTERIAL
photosynthesis and aren't even interested in plants (some are physical
chemists who aren't really interested in Biology either, but that's another
(Una Smith wrote)
> : Perhaps it's time to create a new domain:  I propose "bio", and thus
> : bio.photosynthesis!  I will be happy to propose this formally in
> : bit.admin if Jonathan Marder, owner of PHOTOSYN, likes the idea.  Or
> : [...]
> what about the sci.* hierarchy?
I do think that there is a quality issue here.  What newspaper do you read,
Tony?  I sometimes think that is the newgroup equivalent of "The
Sun"  (a trashy daily in the UK) while bionet is more like the
Times/Guardian/Independent (the UK "serious" newpapers).
Okay, I admit it - I also look at when I have the time, but I'm
reluctant to risk PHOTOSYN with that "publishing company".
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