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> I've been a PHOTOSYN subscriber off and on for a number of years (and
> enjoyed it), and I notice that log files of all traffic are apparently
> not kept.  Why not?  That's a standard feature of most LISTSERV groups.
It's an OPTION of LISTSERV.  The LISTSERV administrator at VM.TAU.AC.IL was
not willing to keep log files of PHOTOSYN traffic (only a few lists are
logged).  The compromise was that we could keep a couple of files on line.
One file was the guide to PHOTOSYN (retrieved via "GET PHOTOSYN GUIDE").
> The TAXACOM group keeps a very nice list of plant taxonomists:  the
> list is available via anonymous ftp on, and is maintained
> by a volunteer (the name changes every few years) identified in the list.
> It would be quite easy to produce such a list, starting with the current
> PHOTOSYN subscribers (LISTSERV command REV PHOTOSYN).
Another file is PHOTOSYN NICELIST - a rather nice formatted list of email
address which includes info. on how frequently individuals read their
email, which addresses are shared (non-confidential) etc.  This list is
based partly, but not entirely on the subscribers.  It would be nice to
expand this as a database to include also phone/fax numbers, snail mail,
and even a research interests key ... and then to make the whole database
searchable via e.g. WAIS.

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