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>:    The subject about says it all: I'm interested in references to literature
>:    which explores the capabilities of the plant world with reference to
>:    sensing of hostile environments or predators, defense mechanisms thus
>:    initiated, and inter- as well as intra-plant communication of sensory
>:    information.
>Hello, Rich.
>There is a recent book called "Sensitive plants" that, amongst other topics,
>describes the responses of Mimosa pudica.  Unfortunately, I've forgotten the
>author/publisher - does anyone else know?
I know of none by that title other than such regional
field guides as

	DeBolt, Ann, and Roger Rosentreter
	1988	An illustrated guide to the sensitive
		plants of Boise District, Bureau of Land
		Management.  Bureau of Land Management,
		Idaho State Office, Boise
	Dimling, Jennifer
	1991	Sensitive plant field guide:  Willamette
		National Forest.  USDA, Forest Service,
		Pacific Northwest Region, Portland

I suggest the requester search the phytosemiotic literature,
that is, use "phytosemiotic" as a keyword.  I don't think
any books have yet been published with that title, but

	Deely, John N.
	1982	Introducing semiotic:  its history and
		doctrine.  Indiana University Press,
	Koch, Walter A.
	1986	Genes vs. memes:  modes of integration
		for natural and cultural evolution in a
		holistic model ("Elpis").  Studienverlag
		Dr. Norbert Brockmeyer, Bochum

might have pointers to articles in periodicals.  My snap
judgment:  you can do valuable synthesis.  There is work
coming out every week about plant responses to the worlds
around them, but very, very little that is published em-
beds these results in a larger framework of understanding.
Good luck.

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