Carageen Processing

Douglas C Ling dcling at
Mon Dec 14 15:31:17 EST 1992

I am lookiing for information on the processing of carageen (Irish Moss).  

I am researching on monopolistic industries and is particularly interested to 
find that natural carageen, which is used in everything from Guiness Stout to 
ice cream, is harvested and processed in only a few locations. There are but
two (any one knows of more?) companies in the business.  

I am interested in (1) The evolution (or lack there of) of the technology
or process that drives (or not) the industry. 
(2) the process waste stream
(3) alternative processing technology or synthetic substitutes. 

Any discussion or information (e-mail or new posting) is appreciated. 


[ Pardon my apparent lack of technical sophistication in describing the problem.]

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