Plant communication/sensing references wanted

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Mon Dec 14 20:24:06 EST 1992

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>:    The subject about says it all: I'm interested in references to literature
>:    which explores the capabilities of the plant world with reference to
>:    sensing of hostile environments or predators, defense mechanisms thus
>:    initiated, and inter- as well as intra-plant communication of sensory
>:    information.
>Hello, Rich.
>There is a recent book called "Sensitive plants" that, amongst other topics,
>describes the responses of Mimosa pudica.  Unfortunately, I've forgotten the
>author/publisher - does anyone else know?

   Hello, Tony.

   I've just finished reading Wildon, et. al., in NATURE 360:62-65, and I
   find this to be fascinating.  Seems like it's one of those, "Golly, we
   never thought they could do THAT," subjects.  Is this stuff a hot topic
   of discussion in the plant-oriented community?

   I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to contribute much, but I'd sure learn a lot
   from a bionet-based discussion of the topic.  I hope someone feels moved
   to start one.

-Rich Young (These are not Kodak's opinions.)

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