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In article <1992Dec10.153700.17634 at gserv1.dl.ac.uk>, ajt at rri.sari.ac.uk (Tony Travis) writes:
> In article <92129225625.MIN-LVLBa00330.bionet-news at uk.ac.daresbury> you wrote:
> : I am a "virgin" bionet user, this is my first message.
> Hello, David + welcome to bionet.plants!
> : Is there anybody out there who is interested in how plants deal with
> : heavy metals (ie Cd, Cu, Zn etc....yes O.K you know what a heavy metal
> : is). Perhaps were could have a meaningful dialogue?
> <some deletions...>
> Ok, everybody - are you interested in discussing heavy metals??

I'd be interested in such a discussion; my current interest would be
taxonomic in nature.  'Fraid I can't make any contribution to such a
discussion at this time, for convoluted reasons, best alluded to by my 
post, "Request: Recruiting/Luring Biologists to the Nets", in sci.bio 
and bionet.general.  That same post would also serve as a belated way 
to introduce myself (I did not do so at the inception of this group, 
for reasons I will style as virginal shyness).

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