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Thu Dec 17 20:11:42 EST 1992

>Hello, everyone.  I am trying to find a small supply of sugar cane
>(Saccharum officinarum) or any other Saccharum spp.  for that matter- I
>understand there is an ornamental form.  I realize this is not a northern
>crop- I'm doing a host range test for the purposes of naming a new pathogen.
>So, even leaf pieces would be a help, if I don't have to go through all of
>the rigamarol of getting through customs.  Root cuttings or botanical seed
>would be fine.  Any Canadian botanical gardens with this out there?  I
>haven't had much luck in the usual catalogues.

>Thanks -RSW

>RICHARD WINDER Title: Visiting Fellow Forestry Canada Phone: (604) 363-0600
>Victoria, B.C.  Internet: RWINDER at A1.PFC.Forestry.CA

Hi Rich,

I suggest you contact Frederick (Rick) Meinzer, Hawaiian Sugar Planters
Assoc., PO Box 1057, Aiea, Hawaii, 96701.  He's a real nice guy and is
familiar with various sugarcane cultivars.

Mark Kubiske                < MEK104 at PSUVM.PSU.EDU >
School of Forest Resources
Penn State University

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