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In <1992Dec18.024043.6864 at oucsace.cs.ohiou.edu> tratclif at oucsace.cs.ohiou.edu (Tracy Ratcliff) writes:

>I was under the impression that the 'pet' theory was no longer the leader.
>At least that was the impression I got from _Covenant of the Wild_ (can't 
>remember the author and I may have the title wrong too (sigh)).  It was more
>of a pro-farming anti-PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)
>book, but it spent a couple of chapters on the origins of domestication.

The "pet" theory was suffering until three major events occurred:

1) Habitrails were discovered in remains of PIE settlements

2) "Rex" "Scout" and "Fido" were discovered to be pet names with PIE


3) I found $20 in an old pair of pants pockets, allowing me to sit in a
bar and meditate on the meaning of the evidence for several hours.


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