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> : I'd be interested in such a discussion; my current interest would be
> : taxonomic in nature.  'Fraid I can't make any contribution to such a
> : discussion at this time, for convoluted reasons, best alluded to by my 
> : post, "Request: Recruiting/Luring Biologists to the Nets", in sci.bio 
> : and bionet.general.  That same post would also serve as a belated way 
> : to introduce myself [...]
> [...] 
> The essence of Usenet, for me, is the informal contact we make with
> each other by posting to a group such as this.  I began the discussions
> on bionet.plants by asking people to introduce themselves and describe
> their area of interest.
> So, tell us something about your interest in heavy metals and taxonomy?

This past term, I had the good fortune to participate in the Advanced
Systematic Botany course (the other student-participants are pursuing
advanced degrees; I am classified as "staff" and am not currently 
pursuing a degree).  This is a directed readings course; each participant
was responsible for presenting approximately 3 classic systematic papers 
per week (ie. Duke Method).

A term paper was also required; my topic was "Chemotaxonomy of Astragalus".
As the completion of this paper did not impact the students, this became 
one of the jettisoned projects when other commitments arose.  The topic
is still of interest on its own merits (and it would not harm me to prove
to myself that I can [still] write a term paper), as are most issues of 
taxonomy.  My botanical interests tend to be focused in terms of ecology 
and evolution, as per Dobzhansky's oft-quoted observation.

I am also interested in the mathematical modeling of biological systems,
altho my decade-long hiatus (aka work) means that I am a *very* long way 
from understanding that again (what notebooks I have left are barely 
legible in an all-too-familiar handwriting, and mostly consist of copious 
incomprehensible notes occasionally peppered with a meant-to-be-helpful 
elucidation/comment:  "Yes, Obviously!  See also <**indecipherable**>.").

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