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Tony Travis ajt at
Mon Jun 29 08:55:44 EST 1992

In article <Sun.28Jun92.2151.bionet-news at> you write:
: In the last issue of BEN 
: aceska at CUE.BC.CA (Adolf Ceska) writes: 
: > PLANTBIO is accessible, I hope, from USENET. (I ventured
: > into USENET several times, but was always overwhelmed by
: > the large number of conferences I had to skip in order to
: > get something useful.) You can
: > subscribe to PLANTBIO/bionet.plants directly by mailing a request
: > to <biosci at>.
: For those who don't know most programs that allow you to 
: access USENET have some mechanism to quickly move you  
: over unwanted groups.  Here at UNM we get into USENET
: via a program called * rn *.  I understand that this a 
: quite popular program to access USENET.  While in * rn *
: you can jump to another group by typing the command 

Unfortunately for many of us bionet.plants is only accessible as the
PLANTBIO mailing list.  Access to 'USENET' is rather more difficult
than typing 'rn' if you don't have a newsfeed!

You may have noticed from recent postmarks that I am now posting to
bionet.plants by mail from <> but I *am* using the "tin"
threaded newsreader to do it (I've set up mail->news locally).

Adolph is sending BEN to PLANTBIO at as mail and most of
the BEN readership will probably want to read PLANTBIO/bionet.plants as
mail.  In that case, Adolph's inscructions are correct.


ps. please follow-up to about mail->news ;-)

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