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Mike Folsom mwfolsom at
Sun Jun 28 15:23:48 EST 1992

In the last issue of BEN 

aceska at CUE.BC.CA (Adolf Ceska) writes: 


> PLANTBIO is accessible, I hope, from USENET. (I ventured
> into USENET several times, but was always overwhelmed by
> the large number of conferences I had to skip in order to
> get something useful.) You can
> subscribe to PLANTBIO/bionet.plants directly by mailing a request
> to <biosci at>.

For those who don't know most programs that allow you to 
access USENET have some mechanism to quickly move you  
over unwanted groups.  Here at UNM we get into USENET
via a program called * rn *.  I understand that this a 
quite popular program to access USENET.  While in * rn *
you can jump to another group by typing the command 
     g bionet.plants  

meaning get bionet.plants.  You can enter that command at the
end of any prompt.  For example here's what a prompt might 
look like ---  

******** 22 unread articles in bionet.general--read now? [yng] 

After the [yng] type in the command g bionet.plants

Alternately you could edit your .newsrc file and put
bionet.plants on its first line so you will 
go straight to bionet.plants after you type in the
* rn * command.

Hope this helps.  


mwfolsom at

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