digestion of thin sections

Eliot J. Davidowitz ejd3 at po.CWRU.Edu
Tue Jun 23 14:36:17 EST 1992

The standard poly-lysine slide coating works fine for paraffin 
sections.  However, I have had adhesion problems with this
coating for frozen sections.  The best reagent for frozen
sections to adhere seems to be 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane
(cat # A3648 SIGMA).  It binds covalently to the glass surface of
the slide and creates a positively charged matrix to bind the 
sections.  Since it is not a protein it is resistant to protease
treatments of the sections.  The procedure given to me by the
SIGMA technical representative is as follows:  Dilute the reagent
1:50 in acetone.  Dip the clean DRY slides for 2 minutes and then 
allow to dry.  Rinse in distilled water for 2 minutes, dip in
ethanol and dry.  Bake overnight at 100 degrees Celsius.  The
reagent is sensitive to moisture so make sure your slides and 
other labware is dry before using it.  Be careful not to touch the
surface of the slides after treatment.  Best wishes for success,
Eliot Davidowitz, Bio. Dept. Case Western Reserve University.

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