digestion of thin sections

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Fri Jun 19 12:10:22 EST 1992

In article <2375.9206191508 at rri.sari.ac.uk> sdm at uk.ac.sari.rri (Sandra Murison) writes:
>Any suggestions on how to get thin sections to stick to slides during 
> digestion?
> I was thinking about embedding in PEG. Has anyone tried this?
>				Sandra. 

Looks like another place for bionet.microscopy. ;-) 

Question - what are you trying to digest?

There's a whole range of things from polylysine to old fashion Haupt's.  My
favorite method for welding thick plastic sections to slides is something
I call Jensen's ARG.  Protocol follows -

	Dissolve 0.5 g gelatin ( I use Sigma G2500 - 300 bloom ) in 
	100 mls boiling distilled H2O then add 0.06 g CrK(SO4)2 - 12 H2O.
	When its all in solution dip slides and allow to dry "standing-up" 
	in a dustfree area.  Store 'em in a box in the fridge and they're 
	good for months.  

I've found this to be a very dependable adhesive. 

Hope it helps.


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