Lifespan of a tree (how about daily CO2 turnover?)

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Tue Jun 16 00:30:41 EST 1992

In article <1992Jun15.123729.26353 at> young at (Rich Young (x37176)) writes:
>   Does anyone have any idea of the "normal" lifespan of Colorado spruce,
>   also known as Picea pungens?
>   Answers by post or e-mail acceptable.  Thanks in advance.
>-Rich (young at

on a slightly related topic:  Does anybody have a rough idea of the order
of magnitude of daily CO2 turnover by a typical 30-40 year old tree in units
of average daily human CO2 production?  Just rough numbers and orders of
magnitude are all I want...  (of course it will depend on the amount of
sunlight, etc., etc.)

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