Colonization of microclimates

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Fri Jun 12 18:42:49 EST 1992

The postings and e-mail response has been very informative.  I'm glad
I asked!  Now I have some more references to follow in order to learn
more about the current state-of-the-theory on the ecological
transitions of this region.

OK, how about a different idea -- Junipers have already
populated the entire area (even the non-island microclimates).  What
is the impact of planting seedlings of indiginous species?

Could one be "Johnny Juniper" without causing damage?  BTW, there is
a BLM policy still in place of "chaining" areas (like the ones I'm
discussing) with junipers in order to make the land more amenable to
grazing!  "Chaining" is where they hook up a gigantic metal chain
between two bulldozers and drag it across the land, uprooting every
single juniper (and most of the sage) between the two bulldizers.

Some local school children in Southern Utah have banded together to
stop the policy from being implemented for now, but as far as I am
aware the procedure is still "policy" with the BLM.  On top of that,
ranchers get subsidized grazing rates.  So much for a free market.  :-(

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