mechanical stimulation and collenchyma formation

Tony Travis ajt at
Fri Jun 12 04:23:33 EST 1992

When we discussed mechanical 'stress' in bionet.general recently Mike
Folsom mentioned an experiment where collenchyma formation was altered
by shaking plants.

I've looked at the literature, and this work was done over 30 years ago
The refs. I have are:

Walker, W.S. (1957) The effect of mechanical stimulation on the collenchyma
of Apium graveolens L., Proc. Iowa. Acad. Sci., 64, 177-186.

Walker, W.S. (1960) The effect of mechanical stimulation and etiolation on
the collenchyma of Datura stramonium.  Am. J. Bot., 47, 712-714.

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