Colonization of microclimates

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>>This may give you a different idea of what this place looks like (my
>>first description only described the aspects relevant to my query);
>>this is definately *not* a pristine, untouched environment.
>Jeeze, apparently not.  I liked the first description of the site much 
>better.  Well, scratch that summer vacation to Utah.....

Well, I still find it an interesting place to visit frequently (I've
been going there on and off for several years and I'm still not bored
or tired of the place!).  However, I can see how my first description
might have led one to imagine some area hidden in one of the many
national parks we have around here.  Although there are occurrences of
all the bad things I mentioned (garbage, etc.), the surrounding
farmland is sparsely populated and the town dumps are not located on
the field itself.  The garbage present is from individuals dumping
their stuff out there on this "useless" land.  We're just talking about
plain old BLM land here -- nothing like Craters of the Moon National
Monument.  This lava field is not that large and most likely
considered "uninteresting" by the following groups:

    farmers		Can't grow anything on it
    geologists		No minerals of economic importance (except
			lava garden rock)
    politicians		noone lives there
    biologists		not much animal life -- lizards, field mice,
			rabbits, birds of prey(*)
    botanists		looks "barren" and uninteresting at first glance

(*) biologists may be interested to know that the lava cliffs do seem
    to make nice nesting sites for birds of prey.  They are local
    maxima and are well protected from predators.  I have seen
    abandoned nests about 3' high and 6' in diameter.  This must have
    been used by some kind of eagle or other large bird of prey.  I've
    been told that some of these larger birds might use this area for
    nesting during the winter months when they migrate south.  I've
    not been out there in the winter.

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