Use of polyacrylamide in soil

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Tue Jun 9 15:55:36 EST 1992

In article <1992Jun9.153802.19382 at> PRICKRIL at (BEN PRICKRIL) writes:
>Is anyone familiar with any potential hazards of using polyacrylamide or
>"polyacrylamide monomers" in soil to aid water retention? A product called
>Water Grabber (there are probably others) is sold for this purpose. It seems
>that the potential for acrylamide to break down (depolymerize) in soils could
>pose a serious health threat, since acrylamide monomer is a potent neurotoxin.
>Any information you can provide will be helpful!
>Ben Prickril
>mx%"prickril at"

Certainly, acrylamide is neurotoxic....but the question is whether degradation
of polyacrylamide follows the "strict reverse" reaction (which I doubt)....
and whether acrylamide, if present, is an attractive metabolite for soil
microflora, which presumably would not suffer neurotoxic effects. :^)


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