Steven K Harrison sharriso at
Fri Jun 5 16:54:37 EST 1992

Hello fellow plant enthusiasts.  I just wanted to alert you all to a
recent article published in the June 1, 1992 issue of "The New Yorker."
It is entitled "Jungle Botanist" and is a profile of this country's
ranking ethnobotanist, Dr. Richard Evans Schultes, Professor Emeritus
at Harvard.  Schultes' definition of ethnobotany is "the complete
registration of the uses of and concepts about plant life in primitive
societies...comprising aspects of botany, anthropology, archeology,
plant chemistry, pharmacology, history, geography, and sundry other
tangential fields of the the sciences and arts."  Schultes is co-
editor of a series of classic books, Psychoactive Plant of the World,
published by Yale Univ. Press.  The article (by E.J. Kahn, Jr.) is
simply fascinating.

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