controlling unwanted CROWN VETCH ... HELP !

Tue Jun 2 21:52:15 EST 1992

 I am the Groundskeeper for a previously under-maintained area of our Campus.
I need some ideas for stopping volunteer crown vetch growth in our landscaped
bed areas which are near long slopes that are covered with established crown
vetch for erosion control.
The beds are mostly parking lot islands that contain mass plantings of
Andorra junipers, cotoneaster horizontalis, or red-twig dogwood.
"Roundup"  is difficult to use in these areas, so I would appreciate some
advice on pre/post-emergent herbicides that have been effective at controlling
crown vetch germination in similar situations. "Treflan" and "Dyclomec" don't
seem to be effective. Thanks for any ideas you can share with me via E-mail.
Dan Stefancik

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