Should we plant wildflowers?

Peter Benson pab at
Tue Jun 2 11:14:31 EST 1992

We have to remember, especially with prairie species, that they evolved in
conditions that are just not available today.  Large tracts, large grazers
(bison), fire.  You can never apply these conditions to the strip in the
middle of a freeway.  I think the natural evolution in these new "isolated
prairie" conditions is going to be a factor in genome loss.  Some of the
old prairie species will thrive in the new conditions, but others most
certainly depended on fire or bison, or just large expanses.  The "tamed"
natives will just accelerate this process since they most likely have been
selected for the "new" prairie conditions.

So get busy Kay, the prairie is already gone and you can only examine the

BTW.  Have you heard about the "Buffalo Commons" idea, and does it have any

Peter Benson
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