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Mon Nov 2 09:23:37 EST 1992

Lets see..

The amount of of oxygen consumed by a few plants during the night must be 
*completely* insignificant in relation to the huge amounts of air supplied by a 
modern ventilation system in a hospital. Ok, if there is such a thing as a 
hospital submarine I would recommend that you leave the lights on at night :-)
The biggest oxygen sink in the hospital room is the patient him/herself and as 
far as I know there is no increased death rate from hypoxemia in hospital rooms 
with two or more patients compared to single patient rooms. On the contrary I 
belive that the added comfort of a few plants sometimes will do a lot of good 
to the general well-being of the patient. You should probably avoid plants with 
strong fragrances as this is not always nice if You're feeling sick or if You 
suffer from asthma. The "bacteriological" restrictions should probably be 
applied as a lot of interesting/terrifying species of bacteria can be found in 
ordinary soil.

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