requesting help with plant growth research

Dudley Knappe dudley at
Tue Nov 3 12:17:51 EST 1992

	Sorry to interrupt your net.reading.  I have searched FAQs for hours 
now for references to plant growth experiments in different gravitational
environments and have found nothing.

	I am looking for papers, ftp sites, abstracts, or reference materials
on plant growth in different gravity conditions.  Pointers to papers,
references, etc. from NASA plant growth experiments in zero gravity or work
done on plant growth in gravitationally chaotic environments (constant
tumbling?) would be much appreciated.  Any other related references are
certainly welcome!

	Please e-mail me at dudley at as I am not a regular reader
of these newsgroups.  I will summarize the information for anyone who may be

	Thanks for your help!  And now back to your regular news.....
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