How high do Century Plants (maguey) get?!?

Ernesto Alvarado david90 at
Thu Nov 5 20:16:49 EST 1992

In article <dz_qvxh at> rsquires at (Roger Squires) writes:
>	...they rode through strange forests of maguey -- the aloe
>	or century plant -- with immense flowering stalks that
>	rose forty feet into the desert air.
>I've seen a few of these plants when erect :) and they were no
>higher than 15 feet or so.  I think McCarthy is exaggerating and
>would like a top figure from those in the know.  Thanks bunches!

McCarthy may be right if you consider the flowering stage of the 
maguey. Flowers as tall as 10 m can be found in some semiarid 
regions. I must say that I've seen huge plants (4-5 m) but didn't see the
flowers. The stalks are used for roofs of adobe houses.

Ernesto Alvarado

>Roger Squires
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