Maize Geneticist Position, USDA/ARS

Marty Sachs msachs at
Fri Nov 6 11:38:15 EST 1992

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Agricultural Research Service (ARS)

Title:  Geneticist (Plants)
Duties:    The position is that of a Geneticist (Plants) in the Plant
Physiology and Genetics Research Unit, Urbana, IL, and will be housed in the
Department of Agronomy facilities, University of Illinois.  The incumbent will
serve as Assistant Curator/Curator of the Maize Genetics Cooperation - Stock
Center.  The incumbent will be responsible for coordinating the maintenance,
categorization, and expansion of the maize genetics collections in the stock
center, and for providing seed samples of stock upon request.  The incumbent
will also be responsible for supporting research conducted at the stock center.
 Work will be conducted cooperatively with scientists within the USDA/ARS, the
University of Illinois, and the community of maize researchers world-wide.  
Training/Requirements:   Professional experience in maize genetics is required.
                         Additional knowledge, abilities and skills will be
                         required.  U.S. Citizenship is required.   
Salary: Commensurate with training or experience.  
		$26,798-$50,516  (GS 9/11/12; Category III).
Starting Date:  Approximately April 1993.  
Applications:   Applicants must contact the USDA/ARS Personnel Office 
                (301-344-1858) for required forms and application procedures;
                indicate Adv. No. 3N001.  Closing date is November 30, 1992.  
Further Information:   Interested persons can contact: 
						Martin M. Sachs
						USDA/ARS, S-108 Turner Hall
						1102 S. Goodwin Ave.
						Urbana, IL  61801
						Phone: 217-244-0864; FAX: 217-244-7703; 
						E-mail: msachs at

		ARS is an equal opportunity employer.

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