Methanol reference: PNAS 89: 9794

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Mon Nov 9 08:30:49 EST 1992

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>Would someone please give the reference for all this methanol 
>discussion. I must have missed the original posting where it was given.

Since many people probably want it I am posting it here.

Nonomura, A.M. and A.A. Benson.  1992. The path of carbon in
photosynthesis: Improved crop yields with methanol.  Proc. Natl. Acad.
Sci. USA 89: 9794-9798.

As a teaser the abstract begins:
Foliar sprays of aqueous 10-50% mehtanol increased growth and development
of C3 crop plants in arid environments.  The effects of low levels (<1 ml
per plant) of methanol were observed for weeks after the brief time
necessary for its rapid metabolism.

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